tag:c3w.org,2013:/posts c3w {official} 2019-02-17T17:28:24Z tag:c3w.org,2013:Post/1375319 2019-02-17T17:28:09Z 2019-02-17T17:28:24Z Discography and All New Albums! Now on Bandcamp!

So, like. . . . c3wdj.bandcamp.com is like a thing for me :: check out the full discography, and share and enjoy the {LOST} :: unReleased album in its entirety~

PeaC3::LoVE::  /ˌsæn fɹənˈsɪskoʊ/, ::  ::: cℨw ::::::
tag:c3w.org,2013:Post/1338470 2018-10-31T20:27:59Z 2018-10-31T20:30:34Z Baclofen Protocol v1 :: Tapering up Baclofen, while Tapering Down Alcohol + Nutrition.

My D.O. prescribes a book:  'Heal Thyself,' written by a French Surgeon, on the brink of life disaster -- with self-prescribing clearance, Clarance - who had been through the rungs of A.A., and remembered a newspaper article, that a family member had sent him -- on the study of baclofen, as per addiction in rats.  so he started his experiment. . . what he discovered was :: the onset of alcoholic craving is an anxiety.  baclofen has a non-addictive, non-tolerance buildup, as a skeletal muscle relaxant (also used to treat seizure), with the benefit of enhanced neuro-function.  it does require a taper up and taper down, if you so choose.  dosages should start at 10mg 3x t.id. and ramp to 40-60mg x 6hrs.

Here's the Kindle Book :: first half reads like the Big Book, followed by Revelation.

Olivier Ameisen M.D., French Surgeon Destroyed by Alcohol, and his Discovery

Additional, <attached>, my personal 'Baclofen Protocol' v1. spreadsheet -- If your ALSO experimenting with recovery, I advise you to use this format, and track yourself for about a week --

footnote on A.A. :: great idea (at the time); Love you, Bill -- so sorry your friends didn't give you alcohol on your death bed; additional: so proud of your spiritual awakening.. you know.. you can't live an LSD trip more than, say, twice -- after that you just gotta know (the universe) -- pity, the program doesn't and (can't) promote YOUR treatment, due to Schedule I.  At least we have cannabis. --c3w

tag:c3w.org,2013:Post/1336124 2018-10-26T00:09:46Z 2018-10-26T00:12:07Z Cherry Tobacco submitted and will hit 'stores' in about a week

also bookmark my new c3wdj.bandcamp.com

tag:c3w.org,2013:Post/1326187 2018-09-27T03:56:15Z 2018-10-06T17:42:10Z space alpha centurians :: album drop :: so0n

L1k3.. submitted.. 19 tracks 2+hrs.  should hit stores by OCT1. Happy Halloween!

now available @ spotify and on iTunes

tag:c3w.org,2013:Post/1326017 2018-09-26T18:10:08Z 2018-09-26T18:10:08Z take the Green Pill. Distribute AT Will. DISTRIBUTED CANDY.

[[ 9/11 ]] DISTRIBUTED CANDY \\ HAS DR0pp3D... /*

WORLDWIDE [ iTunes | spotify | youtube ]

tag:c3w.org,2013:Post/1197001 2017-10-09T07:49:40Z 2017-10-09T09:17:03Z When I think of 'Bless the Rains Down in Africa'

Toto :: I visualize actual rain, a light rain, happening now, a world away.  They don't need a torrential storm because the land is so dry, as far as I know. . . but I listen to your song consistently.. and each time they get a bit of rain.. and with each rain, their soil gets soft, and they play in it - and then they plant crops in it -- I listen to it often.  You've invited our consciousness into Africa, to make life.  Truly blessed to have found this tune.  Saw your backstory - its still working - still amazing - blessed is Africa.

{official toto}

p.s. maybe you're this guy:

this is my playlist, surrounding 'Africa' ::

love from san francisco, --c3w

tag:c3w.org,2013:Post/1196912 2017-10-09T01:27:54Z 2017-10-09T01:44:38Z when I'm not writing music.. I prefer to vinyl cut for t-shirts

using a 'silhouette portrait' usb vinyl cutter, and some software, I often bring images.google.com stock into photoshop, edit and scale the bits I want, then bring a .png into the 'silhouette studio' wherein I play with trace options to get an optimized cut.

I first load in the vinyl, matte (reverse) side up, which has been cut to the size I intend to print, taped with scotch or electrical tape.

the image, itself, is also flipped horizontally in the program, for iron-on, or non-flipped for sticker/adhesive.. 

I bought sample packs of both iron-on and stickers.. so I have most imaginable colors.. and everything looks good in black

the cutting process is quite mesmerizing, fast, and super accurate.

as i use a 'hook' to pick out the negative space, I then also consciously peel along its lines, observing any 'printable vinyl' I may be about to damage.. in those cases, say an incomplete cut - I use a blade to force a cut on its edge. 

the cut is complete, after picking into the 'relief' portions of the cut.  I chose this particular image because it had that 'texture' and I thought it would be easy to trace and cut.

I was right.. it looks rad.. do notice tho the border cuts are duplicated.. I probably could have spent more time doing 2 traces, an outline, then the relief bits.. this program does not accept line-art, EPS, which is a bummer.... sometimes I upscale a smaller image, which helps me get a better cut.. especially if things are horizontal and vertical, i.e. just lines.

iron on with a paper 'shield', such as a paper bag, so as not to melt vinyl onto the iron, about 15 seconds.. and done!

throw that over a long-sleeve undershirt, find a cap, suit up, and we're good to go!

this was the original image:

tag:c3w.org,2013:Post/1195532 2017-10-03T02:02:50Z 2017-10-04T19:24:25Z 'etc.' 2.5 hour album to hit digital shelves mid-october!

everything from my very best, along with scraps from the cutting room floor, etc., brings you 34 tracks in 2.4hrs.

find your favorites and post them here!

love from san francisco, -- c3w

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