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Baclofen Protocol v1 :: Tapering up Baclofen, while Tapering Down Alcohol + Nutrition.

My D.O. prescribes a book:  'Heal Thyself,' written by a French Surgeon, on the brink of life disaster -- with self-prescribing clearance, Clarance - who had been through the rungs of A.A., and remembered a newspaper article, that a family member had sent him -- on the study of baclofen, as per addiction in rats.  so he started his experiment. . . what he discovered was :: the onset of alcoholic craving is an anxiety.  baclofen has a non-addictive, non-tolerance buildup, as a skeletal muscle relaxant (also used to treat seizure), with the benefit of enhanced neuro-function.  it does require a taper up and taper down, if you so choose.  dosages should start at 10mg 3x t.id. and ramp to 40-60mg x 6hrs.

Here's the Kindle Book :: first half reads like the Big Book, followed by Revelation.

Olivier Ameisen M.D., French Surgeon Destroyed by Alcohol, and his Discovery

Additional, <attached>, my personal 'Baclofen Protocol' v1. spreadsheet -- If your ALSO experimenting with recovery, I advise you to use this format, and track yourself for about a week --

footnote on A.A. :: great idea (at the time); Love you, Bill -- so sorry your friends didn't give you alcohol on your death bed; additional: so proud of your spiritual awakening.. you know.. you can't live an LSD trip more than, say, twice -- after that you just gotta know (the universe) -- pity, the program doesn't and (can't) promote YOUR treatment, due to Schedule I.  At least we have cannabis. --c3w

When I think of 'Bless the Rains Down in Africa'

Toto :: I visualize actual rain, a light rain, happening now, a world away.  They don't need a torrential storm because the land is so dry, as far as I know. . . but I listen to your song consistently.. and each time they get a bit of rain.. and with each rain, their soil gets soft, and they play in it - and then they plant crops in it -- I listen to it often.  You've invited our consciousness into Africa, to make life.  Truly blessed to have found this tune.  Saw your backstory - its still working - still amazing - blessed is Africa.

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p.s. maybe you're this guy:

this is my playlist, surrounding 'Africa' ::

love from san francisco, --c3w

when I'm not writing music.. I prefer to vinyl cut for t-shirts

using a 'silhouette portrait' usb vinyl cutter, and some software, I often bring images.google.com stock into photoshop, edit and scale the bits I want, then bring a .png into the 'silhouette studio' wherein I play with trace options to get an optimized cut.

I first load in the vinyl, matte (reverse) side up, which has been cut to the size I intend to print, taped with scotch or electrical tape.

the image, itself, is also flipped horizontally in the program, for iron-on, or non-flipped for sticker/adhesive.. 

I bought sample packs of both iron-on and stickers.. so I have most imaginable colors.. and everything looks good in black

the cutting process is quite mesmerizing, fast, and super accurate.

as i use a 'hook' to pick out the negative space, I then also consciously peel along its lines, observing any 'printable vinyl' I may be about to damage.. in those cases, say an incomplete cut - I use a blade to force a cut on its edge. 

the cut is complete, after picking into the 'relief' portions of the cut.  I chose this particular image because it had that 'texture' and I thought it would be easy to trace and cut.

I was right.. it looks rad.. do notice tho the border cuts are duplicated.. I probably could have spent more time doing 2 traces, an outline, then the relief bits.. this program does not accept line-art, EPS, which is a bummer.... sometimes I upscale a smaller image, which helps me get a better cut.. especially if things are horizontal and vertical, i.e. just lines.

iron on with a paper 'shield', such as a paper bag, so as not to melt vinyl onto the iron, about 15 seconds.. and done!

throw that over a long-sleeve undershirt, find a cap, suit up, and we're good to go!

this was the original image: